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God calls you to live, and to live abundantly. But you can never be fully alive if you are not fully awake to God. This is the challenge Clare Wagner sets out in Awakening to Prayer: A Woman’s Perspective: to be completely aware of God’s presence in your day-to-day life.
As you rush from one task to the next, one appointment to another, you may not stop to recognize the countless ways the Sacred reveals itself. Wagner invites you to slow down, take a deep breath and begin to notice and contemplate all the ways God chooses to communicate with you.
God may speak to you through the beauty of nature, the company of a friend or loved one, or through pain, suffering and loss. There is nowhere God is not.
Are you listening? Are you awake?
Coming Spring 2009
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Awakening to Prayer:
A Woman's Perspective

From the Prologue…
Awakening to prayer is becoming increasingly conscious of the most holy Mystery to whom we are invited, encouraged to relate. The word prayer is almost as generic as food or book. And the varieties of prayer forms are countless. Images of prayer that come to mind are of a mother kneeling at her child’s bedside at night, a community saying the prayer Jesus taught with hands and hearts joined, a solitary figure standing, head bowed, in a cemetery, or hundreds of people in a mosque bowing down in reverent homage. In this best and worst of times, it is intriguing to ponder how women of the twenty-first century enter into a relationship with Holy Presence. It has been a challenge not to repeat what has already been well said about prayer. I have found it enlivening and engaging to realize that at this moment of enormous change, rapid technological advancement and a new relationship between faith and science, we are called upon to see prayer, too, in new, creative ways.
When we are most conscious of the beauty of creation, the wonders of technology and how well everything is going, what is there to say to God? When we are keenly aware of the tragedy of war, the unfairness of poverty or some very difficult personal struggle, where is God anyway?
God is everywhere. The ramifications of that simple statement are what this book is about. Whether you are nurturing, struggling, thirsting—whatever dimensions of daily or global life are front and center for you, Holy Presence permeates every “cell” of your experience. Awakening to prayer is noticing the intimacy between all aspects of your life and God.
In this book, I draw on the wisdom of the Scriptures, the insights of the mystics and the experience of ordinary, vibrant women and men living in our midst. Though I offer suggestions of words to use and rituals to experience, new words aren’t the important part. Rather, awakening to prayer is coming to see that separation from Divine Mystery is an illusion. Spirituality is a journey that lasts a lifetime. That journey itself is home, and prayer is its foundation as you travel.
posted Monday, February, 9, 2009
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